Ricky Martin Chu Donate Funds and Supplies To Private Agencies in the Philippines

After the Philippines was placed by President Duterte into the state of emergency and declared Metro Manila to Enhance Community Quarantine, most of the people panicked. Alcohols, Masks, and groceries fell into shortage as people tend to buy a lot of groceries for them to avoid going out to help contain the spread of disease. The factors why the virus is getting worse are: long lines, short malls hours and suspended public transport.

42-year-old Ricky Martin Chu of Vancouver
42-year-old Ricky Martin Chu of Vancouver

Chu, a married father of three who now works as a property developer, had completed a bachelor of science and three years of graduate studies in nanotechnology and synthetic organic chemistry. But according to court documents, Chu abandoned his education because he said he didn’t believe he would ever qualify for professional certification or licensing while he waited until 2019 for the opportunity to apply.

42-year-old Ricky Martin Chu of Vancouver

In fact, Ricky Martin Chu a real estate and business investor from Canada helped and supported the Philippines by sending bulks of medical supplies and goods to the private agencies and donated a certain amount of funds that may help to acquire more goods in the next couple of days during this crisis. With the help of his friends from the Philippines, the transmission of the donation was possible.

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Ricky Martin Chu encourages everyone to help one another in any kind of way. You may have the comfort of being in your home in this time of crisis yet there are also people who are suffering because they don’t know what to eat for dinner. Help and Pray because with unity “Everything is possible”.

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